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  • Abstract Book: 2nd Annual Virtual Conference 

    ANU, Institute of Research (Africa Nazarene University, 2022-10)
    INTRODUCTION: None of us must think so deeply to realize that we need increased attention to finding local solutions to some of our society’s problems. Colonialism, Neo-colonialism, Climate Change, underdevelopment, ...
  • Abstract Book: 1st Annual Virtual Conference 

    Ongiti, Orpha K. (Editor) (Africa Nazarene University, 2021-10)
    PREFACE: The single most important event to affect the entire human race in the first two years of the second decade of the 21st Century was the onset and continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic. Even now that effect continues. ...
  • Abstract Book 

    Ongiti, Orpha K. (Africa Nazarene University, 2021-10-13)
    The Kenyan banking industry has been facing stiff competition from new entrants like mobile phone companies, international banks, and SACCOs. This led to a steady decline in banks’ financial results over the years, as ...
  • Postgraduate (ANU) Research Handbook 

    Africa Nazarene University (Africa Nazarene University, 2019-04-27)
  • Africa Speaks: An Anthology of the Africa Nazarene Theology Conference 2003 

    Reed, L. Rodney; Ed. Braaten, Linda (Church of the Nazarene, 2003)