This collection contains more than 20 online courses that are hosted by Handong Global University (South Korea) OER site and are accessible to the global users.

Recent Submissions

  • Computer Organization and Architecture 

    Njoroge, Victoria Mukami (Handong Global University, 2021)
    This course introduces the computer science concepts that lay the foundation for the entire course. The purpose of the course is to introduce to the student the general organization of computers, hardware and software ...
  • Introduction to Database Technologies 

    Njoroge, Victoria Mukami (Handong Global University, 2022)
    The course is a first-year course that aims to introduce database concepts to first year students. The course provides an understanding of various database terminologies, types of database and various applications of ...
  • Operating Systems 

    Njoroge, Victoria Mukami (Handong Global University, 2022)
    The course is a second year course that introduces operating system concepts to computing students. The course introduces the basic principles of operating systems and introduces to the students the role of the operating ...
  • Object-Oriented Programming - Java 1 

    Obuhuma, James (Handong Global University, 2022)
    Computer programming is one of the knowledge areas in Computer Science and Information Technology degree programs. There are four main computer programming paradigms, namely, imperative/procedural, functional, object ...
  • Software Engineering 

    Obuhuma, James (Handong Global University, 2021)
    This is a senior level undergraduate course that gives students knowledge of the software engineering process and a range of skills needed to undertake software engineering activities. The course explores the entire process ...
  • Advanced Web Based Application Development 

    Obuhuma, James (Handong Global University, 2021)
    The course aims to expose learners to advanced web application development concepts. This is a course on programming applications for the web. Main topics to be covered include: Introduction to Scripting; Server-side ...