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  • Understanding the Somali Church 

    Ali, Aweis, A. (Kenya Projects Organization [KENPRO], 2021)
    Somalia is often described as the most homogenous country in Africa.1 They are said to be homogenous ethnically, religiously, culturally, and linguistically. Somalis take great pride in their heritage ...
  • Christianity and Suffering: African Perspectives 

    Reed, L. Rodney (General Editor) (Langham Global Library, 2017-12-14)
    Christianity and Suffering: African Perspectives addresses the need for sustained theological reflection on suffering by Africans, or for Africans and is the fruit of the 5th Annual Conference of the Africa Society of ...
  • Crimes against Humanity in Kenya' Post-2007 Conflicts: A Jurisprudential Interpretation 

    Khamala, Charles Alenga, Dr. (Wolf legal publishers, 2018-05-01)
    Widespread economic disparities under Kenya’s post-independence constitution generated revolutionary pressures to transform authoritarian rule of sectional governance. Amid ethnic conflicts protesting President Kibaki’s ...
  • God in His Place: Paul's Teaching of Non-Violence in Romans 12:17-21 

    Mtukwa, Gift (LAP LAMBERT Academic Publishing, 2016-04-29)
    This study investigated Paul’s teaching of active non-violent resistance to evil in Romans 12:17—21. Grammatical-historical method and Ubuntu hermeneutics were utilized to study the text. The study argued that Paul does ...
  • "Nazarene Education from an African Perspective,” in TELOS 

    Reed, L. Rodney; Ed. Gregg, A. Chenoweth; Ed. Ragan, M. Barbara (Bourbonnais, 2011)
  • “Holiness: The Impetus for Social Action,” in Renovating Holiness 

    Reed, L. Rodney (SacraSage Press, 2015)
    This book is a call for change. Even more, it calls for open conversation about change. For too long, many in the Church of the Nazarene have considered the doctrine of holiness off limits, a sacred cow, impervious to all ...