The School of Humanities and Social Sciences is the largest unit at the University. It consists of six departments including Education, Peace and Conflict Studies, Mass Communication, Counselling Psychology, Community Development and Criminal Justice. We offer postgraduate, undergraduate, diploma and certificate courses. The academic programs have been designed by domain experts in their academic fields. Therefore, we teach students the fundamental principles of major fields of knowledge, lifelong learning and knowledge competence through internship and practicum. We develop their appreciation of the diversity of human experience. We cultivate their ability to conduct research to think critically, to draw logical conclusions and express their thoughts effectively. The programs are structured to provide practical orientation aimed at producing professionals thus the school runs state-of-art training facilities in radio and television production studios, print media lab and a modern counselling centre. At the heart of the School is our dedicated, inspiring and creative professionals who through their Christ-centred mentorship produce students who make a difference in society. Students pursue careers in the fields too numerous to list; education, media, journalism, counselling, diplomacy to mention but a few. Our overall intention is to provide students with contemporary learning experiences that will enhance their opportunity to function and serve in an ever-changing challenging global environment. Dean's Message: JANE NGURE - DEAN OF SCHOOL