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Africa Nazarene University Law School provides its students with the opportunity to become leaders in the legal field both nationally and internationally. Our all-encompassing programmes and activities are geared towards the sharpening of skills, integrity and character, rather than just the impartation of knowledge of law. In line with Africa Nazarene University’s mission and vision, ANULS is committed to providing excellent legal education that stimulates our students’ academic, spiritual, moral and social potential. The main thrust of the Law School is to produce law graduates who are committed to the ideal that to be a good lawyer is to serve the community. Among our many goals is the pursuit of intellectual liveliness and competitiveness. Towards this end, we encourage both our staff and students to be stimulated intellectually through, among other ways, participating in public lectures, debates and conferences on current issues affecting our society; engagement in moot court tournaments and offering legal assistance to indigent persons. Additionally, the Law School is also committed, as one of its strategic objectives, to increasing the quality and quantity of its research output. We have dedicated academics, who are research-active and leaders in their respective fields of knowledge. Above all, the geographic location of Africa Nazarene University, which hosts the Law School, makes it an environment that is conducive for learning. DR. DUNCAN OJWANG - DEAN OF SCHOOL